April 02, 2021

The Chorale le Bon Berger Kigali, is very excited to invite all of you to celebrate the Easter Sunday Mass that will take place at Saint-Michel Parish. This mass will begin from 11am to approximately 1pm. The Chorale le Bon Berger Kigali, therefore requests everyone to arrive at the parish at least 20 minutes before the mass starts so that we can definitely follow the rules to prevent covid-19.

Here is the prepared list of songs that will be in place for this service: Entrance (Nazutse by Apollinaire), Kyrie (Nyagasani Tubabarire by Apollinaire), Gloria (Imana n’ isingizwe mu Ijuru by Mathieu), Psaulm (Umunsi w’ Uhoraho), Acclamation (Par Mathieu), Credo (Ordinary), Community Prayer (Alleluia), Offectory (Umuryango wawe wose), Sanctus (Sanctus by Mathieu), Agnus dei (by Apollinaire), Communion (Alleluia Kristu Mwami wacu, Yezu turakuramya), Thanksgiving (Dushime Umucunguzi), Exit (Mwamikazi wo mu Ijuru wishime).

The choir will be conducted by Jeremy, with two organists: Oscar Nsabimana and Steve Ndicunguye.

"Focusing on the Resurrection of Jesus, this lesson follows Mary Magdalene as she finds the Empty Tomb on Easter Sunday morning. She then sees Jesus and runs to tell the disciples the news: "I have seen the Lord!” Create an Empty Tomb Craft and make an Easter skit!"

The choir is graciously happy to partner with you during this mass celebration and wishing you a joyful Easter Sunday.

March 20, 2021

The coordination of the Chorale le Bon Berger Kigali, is pleased to invite all of you to join this family for the celebration of Mass for the fourth week of Lent at Saint-Michel Parish on March 21, 2021. The Mass will begin at 7 a.m. and is pleased to request that you be present at least 6:40 a.m. so as not to violate Covid 19 pandemic strategies.

Here is the prepared list of songs that will be in place for this service:
Entrance (Karame Dawe), Kyrie (Ignace), Gloria (N/A), Psaulm (izasomwa), Acclamation (Ngirira impuhwe Nyagasani), Credo (Isanzwe), Community Prayers (Mwami mwiza), Offectory (Tugutuye Ubuzima), Sanctus (Batwella), Agnus dei (Batwella), Communion (Yezu wemeye gupfa, Byiringiro), Thanksgiving (Sinogenda Ntashimye), Exit (Mana Wankijije).

The coordination team is also happy to deliver their happiness in collaborating with everyone in this Mass, as well as in your kind support to the family during each activity.

CBB-Kigali Info

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Noella Tumukunde, The Chorister of the Year 2020

Noella Tumukunde, is the sopranist and exampular chorister of the year 2020 in the family of the Choral le Bon Berger Kigali. She has helped the choir whenever the family needed it. Since joining the family, Noella has continued to follow the family's instructions and has strongly helped the family especially during the Covide-19 pandemic period. In addition, Noella has made every effort to improve her voice and steer the soprano's voice, as well as helping the entire choir during the various masses. Thus, everyone in the family is happy to sing alongside this strong chorister Noella, and having her in the family gives everyone the power to serve well, as well as to develop the quality of singing.