Music Technical Commission

The Chorale le Bon Berger Kigali works as a choir in Saint Michael Parish, Archdiocese of Kigali. Its structure is centered on a committee that coordinates and directs the choir, three choir commissions, the four voice groups and the general choir members.

Normally, the Music Technical Commission represents the heart of the choir, since the main goal and purpose of a choir is to sing very well. Music Technical Commission of Chorale le Bon Berger Kigali consists of 2 leaders (Technical President and the Deputy Technical President) with all other choir technicians of all voice categories. They are responsible for organizing rehearsals, finding and performing songs, storing and managing musical instruments, teaching songs, coaching new technicians, preparing the Mass Songs, selecting qualified singers for specific tasks, guiding choir members on their respective voice types, leading projects related to song productions either in audio, video, or verbal means.... The rehearsal days in Chorale le Bon Berger Kigali are Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. (however, the Commission, taking into account the strength or number of planned actions, may ask choir members to use other days for additional rehearsals).


The mission of the Musical Technical Commission of Chorale le Bon Berger Kigali is to mentor choir members in the performance of all duties, assist them in developing their singing skills through scheduled rehearsals, and motivate, recruit, and train new singers.


Bringing the choir to a high level where each choir member is able to excellently represent his or her voice type whenever needed, whether in concert or in worship, is the hope and expectation of the Commission.

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Noella Tumukunde, The Chorister of the Year 2020

Noella Tumukunde, is the sopranist and exampular chorister of the year 2020 in the family of the Choral le Bon Berger Kigali. She has helped the choir whenever the family needed it. Since joining the family, Noella has continued to follow the family's instructions and has strongly helped the family especially during the Covide-19 pandemic period. In addition, Noella has made every effort to improve her voice and steer the soprano's voice, as well as helping the entire choir during the various masses. Thus, everyone in the family is happy to sing alongside this strong chorister Noella, and having her in the family gives everyone the power to serve well, as well as to develop the quality of singing.