Soprano in CBB Kigali

Soprano is a type of classical female singing voice and has the highest vocal range of all voice types. The soprano’s vocal range (using scientific pitch notation) is from approximately middle C (C4) = 261 Hz to high A (A5) = 880 Hz in choral music. In four part choral style harmony (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) the soprano takes the highest part, which often encompasses the melody. The soprano is the highest singing voice. The low extreme for sopranos is roughly A3 (just below middle C). [3] Most soprano roles do not extend above C6 although there are several standard soprano roles that call for D6. At the highest extreme, some coloratura soprano roles may reach to G6 (the G above high C).

Chorale le bon Berger Kigali has about 100 active singers, half of whom are sopranos. In the soprano voice of Chorale le Bon Berger Kigali, we have a voice representative who always coordinates activities related to our voice.


Our hopes and expectations is to take our choir (Chorale le bon Berger Kigali) to a new height for present and future generation by creating platform of excellent soprano singers who always sing beautiful voices.


The choir which sing well help the audience to really meet with God throughout their prayers as St Augustine said that He who sing well, prays twice ; the mission of Soprano singers is to be always present wherever and whenever our Choir need us in order to contribute to its good performance.


Innovative and productive

Each soprano singer is motivated to give out her best effort in attending and performing in all planned actions and we are all proud of our participations.

Collaborative and solidarity

Our members respect and care about each other, we have common goals and we are all invested in organization’s success. Our group also recruits and develop new singers.

The list of soprano members


No First name Second name Picture
1 Prisca Uwimana
2 Florence Mukabutera
3 Gisele Isingizwe
5 Jessica Munyana
6 Fiona Urusaro
7 Angelique Tumukunde
8 Joyeuse Nishimwe
9 Yvonne Byukusenge
10 Venerande Mushimiyimana
11 Grace Ingabire
12 Joyeuse Mukambanza
13 Theddy Muhayimpundu
14 Christine Iradukunda
15 Aliane Umutoniwase
16 Valerie Niyidufasha
17 Noëlla Tuyishimire
18 Rosine Uwase
19 Santa Kevine Umutoniwase
20 Delphine Iraguha
21 Kelly Ornella Irakoze
22 Jeanne Niyidukunda
23 Belyse Umuhire
24 Liliane Iradukunda
25 Delphine Ishimwe
26 Aline Tuyambaze
27 Eugenie Dukuzemungu
28 Christine Ingabire
29 Marie Antoinette Mukankundiye
30 Christine Muhimpundu
31 Carine Ines
32 Francoise Niyonkesha
33 Adventa Redempta Niyobyose
34 Solange Nishimwe
35 Francine Nyinawumuntu
36 Irene Tuyishimire
37 Patience Fedine Usabimana
38 Henriette Yabaragiye
39 Yvonne Iradukunda
40 Oliviette Nyiraminani
41 Diane Ngwino Sengesho
42 Joselyne Nirere
43 Josiane Twimarirungu
44 Delphine Murekatete
45 Monique Cyuzuzo
46 Andree Honoree Iradukunda
47 Betty Mukunzi
48 Clarisse Ntakirutimana
49 Ange Fabiola Dushimirimana
50 Clementine Harerimana
51 Alice ....
52 Rose Kironde
53 Christelle Uwiduhaye
54 Alice Uwera
55 Nelly Kawera
56 Gloriose Iragena Rukundo
57 Marie Louise Niyomurezi
58 Francoise ''''''
59 Noella Cyuzuzo
60 Clemence Ingabire
61 Marie Claire Uwamariya

CBB-Kigali Info

Here you can find all the information related to Chorale le Bon Berger Kigali.

Noella Tumukunde, The Chorister of the Year 2020

Noella Tumukunde, is the sopranist and exampular chorister of the year 2020 in the family of the Choral le Bon Berger Kigali. She has helped the choir whenever the family needed it. Since joining the family, Noella has continued to follow the family's instructions and has strongly helped the family especially during the Covide-19 pandemic period. In addition, Noella has made every effort to improve her voice and steer the soprano's voice, as well as helping the entire choir during the various masses. Thus, everyone in the family is happy to sing alongside this strong chorister Noella, and having her in the family gives everyone the power to serve well, as well as to develop the quality of singing.