Tenor in CBB-Kigali

A tenor is a type of classical male singing voice whose vocal range lies between the countertenor and baritone voice types. The tenor is the highest male voice within the modal register. The typical tenor voice lies between C3 (one octave below middle C) to C5 (one octave above middle C). The low extreme for tenors is roughly A♭ 2 (the second A-flat below middle C). At the highest extreme, some tenors can sing up to F5 (the second F above middle C). The tenor's vocal range extends up to C5. The tenor voice type is generally divided into the leggero tenor, lyric tenor, spinto tenor, dramatic tenor, heldentenor, and tenor buffo or spiel tenor.

Chorale le bon Berger Kigali has about 100 active singers, 1/6 of whom are from Tenor. In the tenor voice of Chorale le Bon Berger Kigali, they have a voice representative who always coordinates activities related to their voice.


To bring the Choir to the next level, where it will be the first Choir to have a stronger group of Tenors.


To always inspire the fellow choir members and the surrounding society through their voices and to provide them with support (technical, physical, financial, ....) wherever it is needed.


Courageous and Responsible

Tenor singers are always responsible and motivate their peers in general to participate in all planned choir activities.


The Tenor members respect and care about each other, we use to visit each other and have discussions about the development of our voice and the whole choir.

The list of tenor members


No First name Second name Picture
1 Aime Gilbert Niyonshuti
2 Ernest Ruzindana
3 Evariste Nshimiyimana
4 Felix Ntawiheba
5 Steve Ndicunguye
6 Steven Itezeneza
7 Jean de Dieu Twizeyimana
8 Jean Felix Habineza
9 Christian Mizero
10 Emmanuel Havugimana
11 Bonaventure Ncogoza
12 Irene Felix Munyejuru
13 Jean de Dieu Niyodusenga
14 Prince Buzangu
15 Abdon Bahinda
16 Damascene Twishime
17 Janvier Izere
18 Jean Louis Shimirwa
19 Aimable Ndayishimiye
20 Oscar Nsabimana
21 Jeremy Nshimiyimana
22 Ephrem Niyitegeka
23 Emmanuel Tuyishimire
24 Emmanuel Mwiseneza
25 Francois Regis Niyisubiza
26 Eric Kwizera (Napesi)
27 Janvier Ubabona
28 Aimable Dusabe
29 Daniel ....
30 Patrick Mutabazi
31 Fabrice Niyonkuru
32 Confiance Nsanzinshuti
33 Come Tuyizere
34 Lionel Nzahabwanimana

CBB-Kigali Info

Here you can find all the information related to Chorale le Bon Berger Kigali.

Noella Tumukunde, The Chorister of the Year 2020

Noella Tumukunde, is the sopranist and exampular chorister of the year 2020 in the family of the Choral le Bon Berger Kigali. She has helped the choir whenever the family needed it. Since joining the family, Noella has continued to follow the family's instructions and has strongly helped the family especially during the Covide-19 pandemic period. In addition, Noella has made every effort to improve her voice and steer the soprano's voice, as well as helping the entire choir during the various masses. Thus, everyone in the family is happy to sing alongside this strong chorister Noella, and having her in the family gives everyone the power to serve well, as well as to develop the quality of singing.